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In this section of the website you will find frequently asked questions about particular issues or situations that affect children and young people and their parents. It is hoped that the answers to these questions will offer people useful information and advice, including links to other websites where appropriate.
Am I able to get extra support with my learning if I go to college?
Colleges can provide a range of support services for students and will try to provide appropriate support. It is advisable to let the college know early and this is helpful at the time of your application, you can do this on the application form.

Can I have a say in how things are run at the college?
Most colleges have a student council or student representative group. Individual students can put themselves forward to participate and attend meetings where they can take forward issues and opinions for all other students. If you do not want to take part in this, you can put your views forward through the student representative.

I’m confused about the different courses and qualifications at college, how can I find out more?
All colleges produce their own course prospectuses. These provide information on all of their courses, the content of each course, entry requirements, length of course and possible progression routes after completion. Prospectuses are available through school or you can contact the colleges direct. Colleges also have course information on their websites.

What qualifications do I need to study at a Further Education College?
The entry qualifications you need will depend on what you want to study. Many colleges now offer vocational qualifications, so you could learn to be a hairdresser or a mechanic for example, whilst at the same time gaining practical experience in a working environment. Your school should be able to help, you could ask to speak to a Careers Teacher. There is details of colleges in the area on this website or for advice visit

What is a college open day?
A college open day is when the college invites people, who might be thinking of studying there, to go and have a look round to see what they think.
This is a good chance to see what its like, what courses are on offer and ask any questions you might have?

For more advice visit

Whilst doing an Apprenticeship or Entry to Employment will I be paid?
You will be entitled to Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA). It is not a wage but money to purchase books, equipment etc. EMA is subject to eligibility and the weekly payment of £10, £20 or £30 a week is dependent on household income. To get EMA the young person needs to be aged between 16 and 19 and have left compulsory education.
- They will need to be thinking about starting a full-time education course at a College or School
- Joining an LSC-funded Entry to Employment (e2e) programme; or
- Starting a Programme Led Apprenticeship
Young people should apply for EMA as soon as possible so they don't lose out on payments. To apply for EMA you need to complete an application form, these can be obtained from School,